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2019 Fala Day - PHOTOS and VIDEOS

Fala Day 2019 took place on October 26. We had a great clan of Scotties who brought their humans for a day of fun. The day started out with intermittent light showers, but by noon the sky had cleared and we had a beautiful day.
The day consisted of a parade to the Little White House, the reading of the rainbow bridge, a Fala look-a-like contest, dog care clinic, a costume contest, some fun on the agility course, and a good ole barbecue cookout lunch.
Many thanks to everyone who attended, and to everyone who helped to create a wonderful day.
A few callouts, in no particular order:
Park Ranger Eric Hein: Hosted Fala Day and gave a memorable speech about Fala. He was also our judge for the Fala look-a-like contest and the costume contest.  
Bagpiper: Dorothy Bugg
Fala look-a-like winner: Lavender (owns Cindy Altman)
Costume Contest: The Bumble Bee - Her name is Beatrice? (owns Sarahann Arcila)
The agility course was courtesy of Jan Robison and Rachael Worthington. 
Below are pictures and videos for you to enjoy. 
We are all looking forward to a another great day next year!