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Fala Fun Facts

Eleanor Roosevelt with Fala - New York_.
Eleanor and Fala - A Groomed Fala

My Day - August 14, 1945 


Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt column with Fala.


Where Fala moves to the city.

It has always amused me how much Fala has really become a personality in this country! I had been looking for a carrier in which to take him on the train to New York, and I was told I would find one at a certain establishment in Manhattan. There, the man at once said to me: "Is this for Fala?" I explained that Fala was accustomed to rather luxurious train travel, having always been entirely free to roam in my husband's private car, and that I was looking for something that would not frighten him. The man very kindly explained to me that if I put Fala in backwards he would not be as frightened as he would if I forced his head in first. I really think it would be simpler if I sat with him in the baggage car, but then I might not be a welcome passenger!

When Fala does move to New York, it will be the first time in his five years of dog life that he has had to take his airings entirely on a leash. I am sure the apartment is going to seem very small, too; but since he always adapted himself to whatever my husband wanted him to do, I hope he will meet these new conditions just as successfully!

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